The Levee Board



The Engineering Department of the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta Levee Board provides full-time, technical guidance and leadership for flood and natural emergencies as well as the day to day operations of the mainline levee and interior drainage systems. In addition, the YMD Levee Board engineering staff provides planning, review, and coordination of flood control projects on the mainline levee and on other projects within the district and serves as liaison to the Army Corps of Engineers and other government agencies. This Department also provides technical data to the YMD Levee Board President and Commissioners in support of the vital role served by the Commissioners in setting the policies of the Board and assuring Federal, State, and local support of flood control efforts in the Mississippi Delta. Due to the leadership of past and present YMD Levee Board Commissioners, Chief Engineers and staff, the organization enjoys the distinguished honor of experiencing no failures of its mainline levee since 1897. In addition to the Chief Engineer, the Engineering Department includes highly skilled technicians with varied areas of expertise. They utilize state of the art equipment in support of the engineering demands of the YMD Levee Board's mission.