The Levee Board



The Board of Levee Commissioners for the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta is made up of twelve (12) popularly elected Commissioners from the ten (10) Delta Counties within the district. The Commissioners as a whole elect a President and a Vice President to oversee the implementation of policies set by the Board. Under the guidance of the President, execution of Board policies and day to day activities are accomplished by departments of well trained, diverse staff under the leadership of a licensed engineer who serves as the Chief Engineer.

The Yazoo-Mississippi Delta Levee Board is responsible for the first 98 miles of mainline Mississippi River levee and 24 miles of backwater levees within the Mississippi Delta. The mainline levee is located in DeSoto, Tunica, and Coahoma Counties. This portion of the levee protects the lives and livelihoods of more than 250,000 citizens living in the Delta. The backwater levees are located in Yazoo and Warren Counties. The YMD Levee Board employs a staff of professionals that performs a wide array of specialized tasks necessary to fulfill all responsibilities required to accomplish its mission.